Deauville Estates

Housing Project

Nature at your fingertips

Deauville Estates

An Exceptional Estate

Deauville Estates is above all a unique living environment where families can flourish. This 877 acre residential development showcases nature while safeguarding the environment and its natural resources. All of our lots have been fitted to foster neighbourhood life and promote harmony. Located in Val-des-Monts, this unique concept is the preferred choice for families seeking a quality lifestyle in the beautiful Outaouais region.

The Perfect Place for You and Your Family

Phase 1 for sale

Choose a lot perfectly fitted for your future home. Phase 1 is located in the heart of a mature forest and contains 35 beautiful lots with a surface area of about 1 to 2 acres each. Families have the freedom to enjoy nature and engage in outdoor activities, not to mention the countless benefits of neighbourhood life. Contact us for advice on buying your lot or to learn more about inclusions.

Build Your Dream Home

Come and meet us

Deauville Estates is the perfect place to accommodate your dream home. Depending on your preferences, you may choose to build your property yourself, hire the contractor of your choice, or hire a professional team recommended by Deauville Estates. We can refer trustworthy contractors that meet high-quality standards to better suit your needs. These professionals can build your property according to specific plans or propose a quality home that fits your budget.

Hard to beat

Enjoy the best of what nature has to offer, without missing out on the excitement of the city. Every detail was thought out to provide a quality lifestyle: wide lots, welcoming environment, activities for the whole family, and a magnificent forest. Deauville Estates is where you will find the best place for your family.